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Dear Valued Patients,

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

As chiropractors are considered as essential workers, the clinic will remain open.

We are exempt from  closure under the Health Protection Regulations ( Coronavirus Restrictions) (England) 2020

All protocols and procedures and appointments will remain in place during the 2nd lockdown.

We are working in line with the Government legislation and advice from the General Chiropractic Council and our professional associations.

Public Health England guidelines on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and infection control are being followed.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Oxford Chiropractic Clinic Team




Dear Valued Patients,

We have an exciting announcement for you. We have two great chiropractors, Chloe Powell and Gert Lippens, joining our team at Oxford Chiropractic Clinic (OCC).

Chloe was introduced to chiropractic as a young patient of Jon Howat at OCC and then went on to study chiropractic at the Anglo-European Chiropractic College (AECC) in Bournemouth, UK. There she met Gert and after graduating they went to Belgium and established two chiropractic clinics with solid foundations in Sacro-Occipital Technique.

We look forward to welcoming Gert in August and Chloe later on in the year. They will both be a wonderful addition to our team.

Gert will be in to observe Jon, Jonny and Andrew over the next month and will be introduced to those of you that are in for adjustments.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Magda.


Best wishes,

Oxford Chiropractic Clinic Team

Gert Lippens

Born and raised in Belgium, Gert started out his career as a physiotherapist. Having been an athlete himself since a young age and having always been fascinated by the function of human movement, Gert’s interest in
sport was a natural progression in his work.

In 2005 he completed his Master after Master in Sports Physiotherapy and became a part of the medical team for several national sports teams: Premier League Football, National basketball, cycling, athletics and volleyball teams.

In 2008 his desire to learn more about the human body led him to the AECC in England, where he completed his studies in chiropractic and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2012. During his years in England, he was also exposed to SOT for the first time and started studying with SOTO Europe from his first year. It was also in England that he met his partner, Chloe Powell, and after graduation, they moved together back to Belgium to start their professional journey. During their 8 years in Europe, they established 2 successful practices with a solid foundation in SOT; a first in Belgium.

Gert is fascinated by the human body and is continually learning and expanding his knowledge. In the last years, he has completed his post-graduate diploma with the Federation of International Sports Chiropractic (FICS) and worked for 5 years as the lead chiropractor for the Belgian Olympic Gymnastics team. He has amassed more than 500 hours of learning in Applied Kinesiology in the last years and is set to complete his diplomate in 2022. He is also currently working towards his Masters in Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (cPNI) which has given him a deepened knowledge of the physiology of the human body and how correct nutrition is essential in supporting its function. Gert is naturally motivated to connect and integrate many different facets of being human, allowing him to search deeply for the causes of issues in the body and find solutions to help each person reach their maximum health potential.

Gert will be joining OCC in August.

Chloe Powell


Chiropractor Chloe Powell DC MSc Chloe learnt to know chiropractic from a very young age by being adjusted by Jonathan Howat, which is how she learnt to know the Oxford Chiropractic Clinic.
Being guided and helped through a number of health challenges inspired her to do the same for others and she started studying chiropractic at the AECC in Bournemouth, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2012.

Chloe has very personal knowledge of SOT, having been adjusted by SOT chiropractors her whole life. It was this experience which motivated her to start studying SOT for herself, which she started with SOTO Europe in her first year at chiropractic college.

During her studies, she also learnt to know her partner, Gert Lippens, and after graduation, they moved together to his home country of Belgium to start their professional journey.

During their 8 years in Europe, they established 2 successful practices with a solid foundation in SOT; a first in Belgium. Chloe has always been particularly fascinated by child development, and in the last years has taken her paediatric knowledge to a new level. She has just completed a 2-year postgraduate training with the International Chiropractic Paediatrics Association (ICPA) and has also completed her studies with the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR), focusing on childhood neurobehavioural disorders such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia.

Chloe has a huge amount of experience with babies and young children, having established her 2 practices in Belgium as centres of paediatric excellence, where midwives, paediatricians and fellow professionals often referred. Chloe is passionate about the way we are nurtured in the womb, the way we are born and the way we navigate childhood, and the impact that any additional stressors on our spine, nervous system and physiology have on our later lives.

Chloe is currently in maternity leave with her first son, Luca, and will be joining OCC later in the year.




Dear Valued Patients,

Jonny and I for many years have been thinking about moving west to Devon / Cornwall, to open a clinic and live on a little smallholding near the coast. During the lockdown, we had time to sit and evaluate and we decided it was the right time to go ahead and make the move. This is a bittersweet decision because we will be moving away from family, friends and wonderful patients whom both Jonny and I have been blessed to know over the years. I, Kate, will continue to help my dad (Jon Howat) with HICFD (The Howat Institute of Cranio Fascial Dynamics) and Magda behind the scenes at Oxford Chiropractic Clinic.

Many of you may remember Andrew Barfoot-Saunt who was with us at OCC two years ago. As Jonny and I depart, Andrew will be back at OCC in July for a season, which is wonderful news.

Heather, at this time, continues to be at home, looking after and helping school her girls Lauren and Ella.

We also have other exciting news about new additions to our team to follow shortly.

On behalf of Jonny and myself, we want to thank each one of you whom we have seen over the years, for the privilege of being part of your lives and your health journeys. We leave you in the capable hands of my dad, Andrew and Heather (when she is back). If you would like to keep in touch with Jonny and I please email the clinic and Magda will pass on our email address.

Best wishes, Kate and Jonny


To Our Valued Patients,

This is our latest update.

We re-opened the clinic on Monday 18th May 2020.  As of Tuesday 26th May, both Jonathan Howat DC and Jonathan Gleed DC will be available to provide for those who need care.

Anyone considered ‘vulnerable’ and in need of care please contact our office directly. One of our Chiropractors will get in touch with you and discuss the suitability of you coming in for an adjustment.

Please visit our website on and click on the Covid-19 tab to view ‘The Patient Information and Consent Form’ that will need to be adhered to and signed. This will also give further clarification on who is considered ‘vulnerable.’

We are taking extra precautions to maintain a healthy and safe environment for healing. These include but are not limited to:

  • A two-tiered triage and temperature check for patients coming in.
  • Spaced out chiropractic appointments.
  • Separate entrance directly into treatment rooms – no access to the main hospital.
  • Deep cleaning of treatment rooms.
  • Frequent sanitizing of frequently touched objects such as adjusting tables after each patient, door handles and light switches.
  • Washing and sanitizing our hands with soap and water regularly.
  • The chiropractor will be wearing new PPE for each patient visit as advised by Public Health England.

We will continue to keep you updated on any changes.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our practice reception on 01865 761802.


Oxford Chiropractic Clinic


Patient Information and Consent Form(*)

 Risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Transmission at Oxford Chiropractic Clinic

The Government published a Statutory Instrument on 26th March 2020, no. 350 ‘The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020′ confirming that it is lawful for a chiropractic practice to remain open. It further defines those people who are classed as ‘vulnerable’ and currently unable to treat.

In accordance with up-to-date Government and Public Health England guidance, Oxford Chiropractic Clinic has taken precautions to protect our patients, team members and chiropractors. Despite this, there is a risk of transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and it is important that you are aware of the risk.

 Precautions that Oxford Chiropractic Clinic has in place:

o    The Chiropractic Clinic will be accessed via a separate entrance on the ground floor directly into the treatment rooms with no access to the main hospital.

o   All patients contacting us for an appointment are triaged over the telephone to establish their status (asymptomatic/symptomatic / self-isolating / living with someone symptomatic or self-isolating / have been in contact with anyone symptomatic).

o   Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms must stay away from the Clinic.

o   A second triage is conducted at the Clinic, including a temperature check.

o   A strict cleaning, sanitation and infection control protocol is adhered to – document available on request.

o   The chiropractor will be using PPE as advised by Public Health England and this will be changed for each patient visit.

o   Team members at Oxford Chiropractic Clinic adhere to government social distancing guidance.

o   Clinic layout has been adapted to maintain social distancing between patients and team members.

Eligibility for Care

Clinically vulnerable individuals including those aged 70 and over, those with pre-existing conditions such as liver disease, etc and pregnant women should continue in minimising contact with others outside their households, but do not need to be shielded. If you are considered clinically vulnerable and needing chiropractic care, please contact the clinic directly and one of our Chiropractors will get in touch with you to discuss the suitability of you coming in for an adjustment.

However, those that are in clinically extremely vulnerable groups such organ transplant recipients, those recovering from chemotherapy, renal dialysis etc are strongly advised to stay at home at all times and avoid any face-to-face contact; this is called ‘shielding.’ It means not leaving the house or attending gatherings at all, with very limited exceptions.

Consent to receive care at Oxford Chiropractic Clinic

I have answered all questions (triage) relating to my potential exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19) truthfully.

I understand that there is a potential risk of transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a result of attending the clinic and/or receiving treatment.

I have had the opportunity to ask all the questions I wish to, and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.

I have read, agreed to and understood the statements above relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk and consent to receive care at Oxford Chiropractic Clinic.

Patients Name:

Patients Signature:




Dear Patient

GDPR is bringing in new legal protection for personal information from May 2018. This tells you what personal information we hold and why, and what your rights are.

Organisation name: Oxford Chiropractic Clinic Limited (OCC)
Address: St Lukes’s Hospital, Latimer Road
Telephone No: 01865 761802
Please direct any enquiries relating to GDPR to

Purpose of processing the Information we hold
As part of your patient record, this clinic is required to retain for the purpose of consultation for treatment, the recording of subsequent treatments and contact details for use by the Clinic its employees – Clinic practitioners, receptionists and staff directly involved with patient management of this clinic.
The purpose of holding and using the information we retain is to provide you with the best possible support and related services for your chiropractic appointments and care.
Lawful Basis for holding and using Patient information
The lawful basis under which we hold and use your information is “our legitimate interests” i.e.our requirement to retain the information you provide to us in order to provide you with the best possible related support and related services support.
What information we hold and what we do with it
In order to provide services and support, we need to ask for and keep information about you. We will not use this information for any other purpose (except as required for legal purposes) without your prior consent. The information to be held is:
⦁ Your contact details – phone numbers, email and postal address
⦁ Your DOB
⦁ Your medical history for the purpose of your care
⦁ Record of appointments
⦁ Record of any payments – date, payment method and amount
⦁ We use a third-party provider to hold our database and diary, through this agreement they deliver emails and text reminders to you and no other information. Your information is only accessed by OCC staff and kept on our computers and within our secure hard copy filing systems.

How long we keep your information for
We keep all information as long as you are a current Patient and for a legal period since your last visit.
Data Security
We are committed to ensuring that your personal data is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place appropriate technical, physical and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect from you. You would be informed if there is a breach of security and we would inform the ICO.
We will always contact you using the contact preferences you have given us.

GDPR gives you the following rights:
• The right to be informed:
To know how your information will be held and used (this notice).
• The right of access:
To see our records of your personal information, so you know what is held about you and can verify it.
• The right to rectification:
To tell us to make changes to your personal information if it is incorrect or incomplete.
• The right to erasure (also called “the right to be forgotten”):
For you to request us to erase any information they hold about you if you ask them not to hold it anymore
• The right to restrict processing of personal data:
You have the right to request limits on how we use your personal information
• The right to data portability: under certain circumstances, you can request a copy of personal information held electronically so you can reuse it in other systems.
• The right to object:.
To be able to tell us you don’t want them to use certain parts of your information, or only to use it for certain purposes.
• Rights in relation to automated decision-making and profiling.
• The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office:
To be able to complain to the ICO if you feel your details are not correct, if they are not being used in a way that you have given permission for, or if they are being stored when they don’t have to be.
Full details of your rights can be found at

OCC Rights – Please note:
⦁ We have to keep your records for a certain period as described above, which may mean that even if you ask us to erase any details about you, we might have to keep these details until after that period has passed
⦁ We can move records between our computers and IT systems, as long as your details are protected from being seen by others without your permission.


I (Patient’s name)

give consent to the Oxford Chiropractic Clinic Limited, its Practitioners, Receptionists and Staff to maintain and retain records for the duration of my treatment as outlined in this document.



If you are under 16years of age this consent should be given and signed by a parent or legal guardian and state relationship.



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