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New Patient Centre

Welcome to Oxford Chiropractic Clinic. You will find that our practice is very friendly, the ideal place to receive holistic care.

The Initial Visit

Once you are booked in, we will email or mail you the new patient form to complete before you get to the practice. If you are unable to do so, please arrive 30 minutes in advance of your appointment time. Your chiropractor will perform a comprehensive chiropractic examination with a report of findings. You will be informed about the following:

  • How we can help you
  • What your likely course of care will be
  • How many visits to expect and recommended length of care

If you would like to proceed, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment. Your first appointment will take up to an hour. Please allow an additional 15 minutes before your appointment time if you have not completed the paperwork. You do not need to prepare in any particular way for the appointment. Regular clothing is fine. We ask that you avoid wearing jewellery.

Frequency of Care

On your initial call to the practice, we will book your first appointment and three subsequent visits. We do this to ensure you have guaranteed access to your chiropractor, as we operate several waiting lists.

After your initial exam, your chiropractor will suggest a course of care and inform you of the estimated time this will take.

Subsequent Visits

These appointments generally take 15-30 minutes each.

Phases of Care

The initial phase of care is pain relief; we will see you as frequently as needed until we have achieved this stage. Should there be no improvement, we will re-assess and if needed refer you to the appropriate health care practitioner.

We then generally schedule visits once every few weeks or a month apart. During the second phase, our goal is to structurally balance and strengthen you.

Maintaining that balance is the goal of phase three. Our aim is to get you to a place of maintenance as quickly as possible, and have you maintain structural stability and strength as you move forward.


If you would like to experience natural chiropractic care, please contact our Oxford practice today to schedule an appointment.

New Patient Centre | 01865 761802