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News Update

Dear Valued Patients,

Jonny and I for many years have been thinking about moving west to Devon / Cornwall, to open a clinic and live on a little smallholding near the coast. During the lockdown, we had time to sit and evaluate and we decided it was the right time to go ahead and make the move. This is a bittersweet decision because we will be moving away from family, friends and wonderful patients whom both Jonny and I have been blessed to know over the years. I, Kate, will continue to help my dad (Jon Howat) with HICFD (The Howat Institute of Cranio Fascial Dynamics) and Magda behind the scenes at Oxford Chiropractic Clinic.

Many of you may remember Andrew Barfoot-Saunt who was with us at OCC two years ago. As Jonny and I depart, Andrew will be back at OCC in July for a season, which is wonderful news.

Heather, at this time, continues to be at home, looking after and helping school her girls Lauren and Ella.

We also have other exciting news about new additions to our team to follow shortly.

On behalf of Jonny and myself, we want to thank each one of you whom we have seen over the years, for the privilege of being part of your lives and your health journeys. We leave you in the capable hands of my dad, Andrew and Heather (when she is back). If you would like to keep in touch with Jonny and I please email the clinic and Magda will pass on our email address.

Best wishes, Kate and Jonny

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